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OMG hi flist hi hi hi!

Did I mention I've been unemployed since the end of May? *checks* Yes, I *did* mention the buyout. Okay! So yeah, unemployed since the end of May thanks to a voluntary buyout. I have enjoyed the time off immensely. I'll have had off almost all the summer, and that hasn't happened in near 20 years, so it's been really nice if not a little nerve-wracking.

Signed on with three employment agencies, and it looks like one has finally come through and I am way excite!


So Thistle is once again employed. Hopefully nothing goes wrong and this actually will go perm in a few months time. But mostly I am psyched not just because I will have money to pay bills and won't have to go through all of my buyout money now, but because of the company itself.

Who is it? I don't feel I should say the name, just in case of Google. But it is a major soft drink with the initials DP with offices here in DFW. I may have fangirled just a little in the interview. For all I know that's why I got this job. They were all "Did she just squee? That was adorable. Let's hire her."
thistledear: scowling chibi aerael head (scowl) here's what happened to me last night.

I'm back in the study, just hanging around, and I hear very soft knocking. Normally I ignore knocking, because people don't come visit me without a phone call and it's usually just kids fundraising or scam artists. But I keep hearing the really soft knocking. I finally get up, go into the living room--and realize the knocking is coming from my patio door.

...y'know, the one INSIDE my fence.

I stared...and then went over and pulled back the blinds--and there is some guy leaning against my patio door. BLEEDING.

...wut? )
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Hello, peeps! As of today it has been a full year since I posted to either Dreamwidth or Livejournal. Here's a summary of life to date:

1) I took a voluntary buyout at work. I shall be unemployed as of June 1st. I put in for a position at the library as a library service rep, but I don't have much hope of an interview as it's for the children's section, and I have no "real" (ie, paid) experience with the little'uns. Did go in and chat with one of the actual librarians, who said she'd pass on my name, but have still not heard anything.

2) Since I'll most likely be signing up with a temp agency, I've decided to take off the month of June. I haven't had more than 2 days off in a row for the past 10 years, and I'm kinda tired. It will also give me more time for job interviews, should such a thing happen.

3) I got a shiny brand new 2012 Nissan Versa.

And really, that is it. I am a wee mad bundle of stress, sadfaced as hell that there are full-time library positions that don't require a master's degree and that my lack of childcare experience keeps it out of my grasp, and wondering what other non-finance job possibilities are out there that I can pay my mortgage and car payments with.

...also, I was introduced to hedgehog shapeshifter erotica, and I'm still pissed about that. >=\
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So anyone have any recs for good non-fiction books on pirates?

*for later*

May. 9th, 2012 09:35 am
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"Ooookay," Beetle said, narrowing her eyes, "I know I'm a vampire and I'm probably losing like some kind of undead points for this, but seeing Eli's cracked out grin on someone else's face is pretty damn creepy."

Isabelle nodded, a pleased smile spreading across her otherwise serene face. "She does have her father's smile."

"...uh yeah, considerin' Eli's over there with a 'I am going to totally fuck that' expression, that's kind of...ew."

Eli suddenly stood up, and true to Beetle's words the grin on his face was a match to the dark-haired woman's own. "Yeah, you two hens keep on cluckin'. Me, I think it's time I gave my girl a hand. She may be blood o'my blood and all, but she's still just a human kid. Be a damn shame if she croaked it before I got a taste."

Beetle made an annoyed noise deep in her throat. "What part of 'low profile' didn't you get?"

"The part where you assume I listen to anything either of you ever say." And with a leap he was gone, leaving Beetle to growl after him.

* * *

Not especially happy with it, but basically just wanted to get Beetle's first comment down.
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I bought frozen strawberries today! And little shortcakes to put them on. What? I had whipped cream to use up.

So they finally thawed enough to get a spoon in, and I put a serving in the microwave to heat up more. I go for the package of shortcakes and spot something on the carpet: a damn wolf spider.

Spider: Oh hey! Shortcake!

Me: ...fuck no. Mine. You get the hell out.

Spider: Shortcake first. Extra strawberries on mine, plz.

Me: I'm just going to stick you under a jar. How about that?

Spider: I...don't think I can eat my shortcake under here. Hey. Hey! Where are we going? The shortcake is in the other direction! But--no! SHORTCAKE! *scrabble scrabble*

Me: *releases him in the grass* No. Fuck you. MY shortcake. You cannot has.

Spider: You know what? Fuck you too. *sulks off*

Mmmm, strawberry shortcake. ^____^
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Mowing was curtailed by sudden and inevitable death of lawn mower. Well, Dad did warn me it was 10 years old, plus my nephew had been using it for his mowing jobs, and it wasn't probably the greatest mower to start with. Yet it did survive my nephew, so I have to give it that.

But I got the back mowed and edged, and Dad's coming tomorrow morning to help me pick out a new mower, and there's always the chance he'll help get the front done ^_^ I may survive this weekend after all!

...though I wish I could have gotten just a wee bit more slack. :\ I'm really not good with constant activity. I am a slackbitch born.
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I finally managed to get in on a second job. I'm working 25 hours a week looking at photos we're sent by cleaning crews who go into foreclosed houses and tidy them up, and then I get to decide if they did the work & whether to pay their invoice in full. I feel like a AP god. MUAHAHAHA!

On the other hand, it's rather neat--'cause we're talking like 16 states and I'm getting to see a wide range of housing styles around the US, ranging from "Dude, that is a SHACK" to "WHY DOES ANYONE NEED A HOUSE THAT GIANT??" I am having quite a bit of architectural squee. :D

But alas, this also means I'm working a total of 65 hours a week mon-fri, with probably the option of working at least one saturday a month too. Point is--I am EXHAUSTED. And I still have to go out and mow today. :|

Mayhap I should use a tiny bit of this money to pay for a landscaping crew?
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Holy shit!

Well, that was a lovely intense afternoon spent. "Yes, there will be thunderstorms, some severe."


We ended up in the stairwell twice. At one point there were four tornadoes on the ground in DFW. Arlington and Lancaster got hit really bad. There is news footage of truck trailers being lifted high into the air, and while that was completely awesome to watch--TRAILERS WERE FLYING THROUGH THE GODDAMN AIR!

But I'm home now, the storms appear to have passed, I still have a roof, so all is good here. But man, this afternoon sucked. D:
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...why did this one never occur to me?

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I'm very bad about checking my mail. Yes, even with owning a house. I don't have a mailbox in front of the house--I have to walk down the street a bit to the community mailbox. It's the closest mailbox I've had since living on my own, and it's still too damn far.

I am a lazy, LAZY woman.

But thanks to an insurance mix-up, I'm expecting money. So I finally put some shoes on and walked the couple hundred feet or so to the mailbox.

There was a key in it. )
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Yeah yeah, I know I disappear and then I show up just to shove links at you, but--

Vote Winchesters!

They're in the lead but only slightly. I so want to see Pika's take on the Winchester Bros. She makes everything that much more awesome. And if you haven't been reading Girls Next Door...why the hell not!? :D
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I never get out, so I am very VERY excited :D

Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood are doing a two man improv show at the Winspear Opera House on March 3. Not only did I get tickets, I managed to rope a friend into going with me. I may go out this weekend and find myself a pretty new frock to wear. Can't wear jeans to the opera house, even if it is a comedy show.

EEEEEE! SO excited!

(and I just can't hide it--shut up, Bonnie)

In other news, I ventured out into the front yard yesterday and started hacking away at the very dead banana plants. With scissors. Note to self: buy gardening shears this afternoon. My dad is planning on coming up in a few weeks to help me dig up the bed to get all the roots, because babies are springing up everywhere. So I guess the roots are still alive and well and being promiscious assholes. I HATE banana plants. >:|

Also need to make plans to go to First Monday...which I'll have to do March 4th. I want to see if I can find some secondhand gardening tools. New ones cost too damn much.

So many much to do...*mutters and goes off*
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Commandments of Coyote t-shirt.

I seriously need this. XD
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Man, fuck anxiety dreams. It's 12:30 and I'm scared to go back to sleep because of a dream that just got progressively worse.

It started off with me back in college, unable to remember the last time I'd been to class and all too aware of looming finals. I was also being chased around campus by a fangirl's friend who wanted to know what all the fuss was about. My pockets had two lunches in them because I was so stressed I'd bought another forgetting that I'd gotten lunch already.

I finally decided to leave and headed home, which for some reason was going to take me through downtown Dallas. I could see it off in the distance--on fucking FIRE. Turned off my ipod, found a news station, and found out we'd been hit by a terrorist attack. I woke up when I got too close and my car started to heat up.

To add insult to injury, my brain decided to throw an auditory hallucination at me as I woke up, and I thought I heard someone rapping at the front door with the knocker. I knew it was a hallucination, but my anxiety levels were so high at that point I had to get up and check anyway.

And now I'm scared to go back to sleep. So I powered up the laptop and wrote this to take some of the poison out of the sting. I really need sleep. I want good dreams for the rest of the night :(
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Still sick, but nearly a month after Christmas, I finally got the tree down and packed away. About time, too. I was about to just stick a bunch of doily hearts on it and call it a Valentine tree. :|
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Dear Texas,
Frankly, your winters suck. Granted, this appears to be country wide this year, but since I live here, you get the brunt of my anger.

The rapid weather changes have to stop. Thanks to your going from the 70s to the 40s and back again, my sinuses rebelled. I am a stopped up, runny nosed, coughing, hacking, sneezing mess. And this is all your goddamned fault. This is why you were on fire, Texas, because nobody likes you.

And next week there's rain. That's right--you go cry, emo state.

Fuck. You.

Much hate,
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Yay pedi! Nails are trimmed, can no longer gut like a cassowary. *ponder, small sad face* They are also a pretty shade of lilac, which pleases the Io. *glees over purple pedi some more*
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Paypal, what the FUCK? WHAT DID YOU DO? There is not a rolled up newpaper in the world big enough to beat you with, you fucking assholes. Buyer, you aren't guiltless in this. You too are a shitstain upon humanity.
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So...Alice Cooper, Steven Tyler and Weird Al sing "Come Together" in a bar in Maui. I may have found my new holy trinity. XD


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