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Saw the flipped house just now. Oh WOW. *_*

House prattle! )

So I really really like it. But it is priced above my means. However, my agent said that the other agent over the house even said it's overpriced. So he's doing a market analysis tonight and we'll see about offering lower. Pray this guy is desperate to get rid of it.
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Talked to the loan officer who better explained the estimate he sent (damn confusing--even my RE agent couldn't decipher it) and I found out yes, the $6K did indeed cover down payment and all closing costs. At best it didn't cover earnest money and inspection fees. On top of that, one of the houses I wanted to look at but was under contract is back on the market, plus I found a very nice flipped house that's been off and on the market since last July and never under contract, so he might be getting desperate to get rid of it. And since both houses are seller owned, I might be able to get help towards the closing costs.

I so hate to be optimistic. :| It hasn't worked well for me. But that's a lot of pieces fitting together well. ;~; ARGH!
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A note to [ profile] tsuki_no_bara:

I'm lying in bed, listening to some 70s song as the alarm had gone off 4 minutes before. Bedside lamp is on, and I'm just lying there, drowsy & wishing I could just roll over and go back to sleep. Suddenly I hear this tiny little tap-tap-tap and WHAP! Fucking ninja june bug drops outta nowhere and lands right in front of me on the bed.

I smacked that little fucker clear across the room. >:|

(Note for those going "Wut": I lost that damn june bug under the fridge last night and made worried noises at [ profile] tsuki_no_bara that it would land on me while I slept and freak me the fuck out. And it tried! Ass.
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"He isn't here."

"Yes, I realized that the minute I set foot inside. *sigh* Should I even bother asking you if he'll be back tonight?"

*amused* "I have absolutely no idea. I'm not his keeper. Would you care to leave a message?"

"...would you actually give it to him if I did?"

"I'm heartbroken that you would think such a thing of me. *pout* Why, I love and adore you both and I can't imagine why you would think I would do anything that would cause you to suffer for my negligence."

*cocks head and peers*


"How the hell are your pants not being consumed by a raging inferno right now?"
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...oh god my hair is so thick i can't even feel the cold from a baggie of ice on my damn head. GAH!

If anyone needs me, I'll be in the bathroom taking one cold shower after another.

It's still February, Texas! Seriously, fuck you and your humidity.

Bonus chat with [ profile] tsuki_no_bara last night:

Thistle: texas. Like hell, but hotter

C: and with bbq
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*glares at cast iron skillet* You are noisy and scary and you did not make the chicken steaks taste any better than my coated skillet. I will reserve you for skillet cakes and that is ALL.
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This is my 1400th post. I should probably write something profound or at least mildly introspective.

Instead, I shall talk about my spider pencil.

...I got a spider pencil. It is white with a black eraser and covered in realistic tarantulas. I love my spider pencil. ♥ I also got a fleece blanket and pillow from walmart that has cartoony fangy spiders on it. I love Halloween! ♥ ♥ ♥ Spider merch galore!

I'll try the introspective on my 1500th post. It makes for a better number anyway. ^_^
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So. I took Friday off to get a start on my move. I got the keys to the new apartment on Thursday, but my lease in the current apartment isn't up until October 31st, so I figured I'd take the next two weeks to slowly move the bulk of my stuff a little at a time. I figured I'd use this weekend to get as much of my new furniture as I could. Plus I thought I'd get the worst of the move out of the way--and by that I mean the BOOKS.

I hauled six boxes of books (and a few DVDs) to Half Price Books to sell, and I STILL had 14 boxes of books. Okay, okay--they were small boxes. >_> Still! 14 boxes! From an upstairs apartment to another upstairs apartment! I feel like I lost at least 5 pounds.

I also hauled up 4 boxes containing 3 shelf bookcases, 1 box containing a bedframe, 2 parson chairs, and a small dining table. Oh man, that table. I found it on clearance at Target for $25. The reviews on haaaaate that table, but I figure it'll last me until I find the table I want. $25!! I spent more on the chairs than the table! XD Kirklands was having a sale. $60 parson chairs. Soooo pretty.

Couch was delivered yesterday. I have a sleeper sofa! It is HUGE. O.O I laid down on it with my head pressed against one arm and my feet didn't touch the other side. I'm 5'5"! I couldn't even touch it when I stretched my feet out! I love that couch. <3

*thinks* So. Still need a desk. Still need a new TV stand. Still need a new TV! But that can wait until the xmas sales start. But other than that I'm mostly set up now. Just gotta finish sorting and tossing and packing. *SOB*
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I'm redoing everything in my apartment. :D

It's been nearly ten years, and I've changed a lot in ten years, especially my tastes. I don't care for the country bedroom furniture I bought at one of Frankston's many antique stores anymore, and the $15 bookshelves are starting to look at little bad. I no longer care for the light colored veneers. I really *hate* the floral granny couch. So I saved up all year, and now it's time for a change.

Thistle is Very Excited and must share. )

Now all that's left to do is get some big, sturdy trash sacks and start throwing things away.

EDIT: [ profile] tsuki_no_bara tells me the link defaults to the main page for her. If so, this is the sofa: Photobucket
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Well--that was a terrifying testament to my own ignorance.

So, my toilet is kinda leaky. Or sometimes it just won't stop running. Usually I just take the top off and give a little tug on the floater and it stops.

Today the float thing just snapped off. And I couldn't get the water valve to turn to shut off the water. I didn't know which way to go so I freaked out and called emergency maintenance, who called back very quickly and told me which way to turn the valve so the water shut off. Then I slunk off kind of embarrassed that I can't even turn water off without help.

Now I want to enroll in plumbing school so it never happens again. I am a girl of extreme measures.
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Wil Wheaton quits W00tstock

So much Wheaton love. ♥ ♥ ♥

And I didn't learn about the whiteboard meme until...yesterday? But I'm lovin' it. XD

EDIT: And I'm guessing maybe the HTML is why the 00s look like oo? I dunno.

EDIT 2: No, that's just the default font, I guess. Right, adding the "Thistle is a dork" tag now.
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So there was this little casserole dish with a white rubber cover that's been sitting on my table for probably a year now. It sat on my table for a couple of months under something, and by the time I found it I remembered that there had been a sandwich in there. A sandwich that was now approximately two months old. I should have just sucked it up and dealt with it right then and there, but...two month old sandwich. GROSS. I promptly found something else to do and told myself I'd do it later. Possibly after a long night of drinking. 'Cause to open that Pandora's casserole dish, I was going to need serious liquid courage.

I'm sorta mold-phobic. Is that actually a phobia? Hold up. Can't find anything on The Phobia List for mold, and I don't feel like going through the whole thing for the equivalent. Tell me if you find it. I know you'll look.

So yeah, that dish sat there for a year. I was pretty sure I was just going to sacrifice the dish and toss the whole thing away. I was pretty sure it would never be usable again anyway.

Tonight--I'm not sure why, but while waiting for my pork chops to fry, my eyes once again fell on that dish. And I couldn't take the curiosity anymore. I reached out, took a great deep breath, and tore the lid away in one swipe--

Cut to save your stomach )
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My body is bound and determined to ruin my four and a half day weekend. First Thursday brought the girly shit that's been fine and dandy missing for since April, and now my lower back's gone out again.

Thank goodness for leftover muscle relaxers, that's all I can say. :|

Now Imma gonna sit my ass in bed with all my nice pillows and watch the first disc of Nightmares & Dreamscapes, and wait to fall unconscious.
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Whee! My toes, my toes are painted. They are painted a shade a hair lighter than Iolanthe-lavender. I love having painted toes. I also got a manicure, but alas, they are only buffed nice and shiny as I am sadly allergic to something in top coats. I scratch myself once and boom! Thistle's eyelids are much, much too large. As are other parts I shan't mention because I am a fuckin' lady. *BELCH* But I don't scratch myself with my toes (again, fuckin' lady here *ass scratch*) so it's all good. Toes can be painted.

And tomorrow I shall have my face burned off with chemicals and then sanded. Or vice versa. It may or may not have awesome results. I'll let you know. :x

Also, I think I need capris. Do I need capris? Right now all I have are baggy man shorts. I think I need capris.
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Do I have a "thistle is a dork" tag? Yes. Yes I do. And now it's truer than ever.

This is pretty much the train of thought I had.

Maybe if I learn to shade and color better it'll help me draw better.

Man, I wish I had one of those nifty wacom tablets. That'd be awesome.

I wonder how much those things cost now?

Hey, Best Buy has tablets.

...Best Buy has a $70 wacom tablet.

.........I have $70 in xmas and birthday monies.

That was around 6:30 pm.

Now it's 7:30 and now I have a wacom bamboo pen and tablet. :D

I figure if I show improvement and my interest doesn't wane, then for next year's birthday I'll get a better one. :p
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Note to self: I do not like melon. Any melon. I need to quit buying it in the hopes that I might like melon NOW.

Seriously, I don't even like WATERMELON. They're going to kick me out of the South! D:

But the goal is still the same: cut as much fat and processed sugar out of my everyday diet as possible. Eat moar nuts. I have raw almonds and raw walnuts sitting in my desk drawer, and all I can think about is how much better they'd be if they were covered in cinnamon and roasted. *facepalm* I am going to have to put a rubber band around my wrist and start snapping it.


Oct. 29th, 2009 07:23 pm
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My friend has had a very shit week. I'm very bad at comfort words, but very good at comfort food. She loves peanut butter cookies, so I found a recipe and voila!

...holy crap, those are ugly cookies )

Ooookay. Just dropping the dough makes ugly, redheaded stepchildren cookies. I should roll them into balls and THEN flatten them!

Yeah. MUCH better. )

Yay! Cookies! And my house smells of peanut butter. I'm not all that fond of peanut butter, but dammit my friend needs cookies! >:0


Sep. 7th, 2009 04:01 pm
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Yahoo movies is full of lies! It said there was a 2:55 showing of Ponyo today and there WASN'T ;_;

...I was soothed by Half-Price books 20% off sale, which made them 70% Off-Price Books today. I got vol. 3-5 of the Hellsing manga and a paperback of Janet Evanovich's Fearless Fourteen, all for $21. And I bought the Warcraft III Battlechest from Best Buy and got an extra 10% off. So the day wasn't a total bust. :D


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