thistledear: scowling chibi aerael head (scowl) here's what happened to me last night.

I'm back in the study, just hanging around, and I hear very soft knocking. Normally I ignore knocking, because people don't come visit me without a phone call and it's usually just kids fundraising or scam artists. But I keep hearing the really soft knocking. I finally get up, go into the living room--and realize the knocking is coming from my patio door.

...y'know, the one INSIDE my fence.

I stared...and then went over and pulled back the blinds--and there is some guy leaning against my patio door. BLEEDING.

...wut? )
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A note to [ profile] tsuki_no_bara:

I did NOT dream of my house last night--I dreamed of snuggling the Nostalgia Critic. In a coffee shop.

what is this i don't even--
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This is my 1400th post. I should probably write something profound or at least mildly introspective.

Instead, I shall talk about my spider pencil.

...I got a spider pencil. It is white with a black eraser and covered in realistic tarantulas. I love my spider pencil. ♥ I also got a fleece blanket and pillow from walmart that has cartoony fangy spiders on it. I love Halloween! ♥ ♥ ♥ Spider merch galore!

I'll try the introspective on my 1500th post. It makes for a better number anyway. ^_^
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So. I took Friday off to get a start on my move. I got the keys to the new apartment on Thursday, but my lease in the current apartment isn't up until October 31st, so I figured I'd take the next two weeks to slowly move the bulk of my stuff a little at a time. I figured I'd use this weekend to get as much of my new furniture as I could. Plus I thought I'd get the worst of the move out of the way--and by that I mean the BOOKS.

I hauled six boxes of books (and a few DVDs) to Half Price Books to sell, and I STILL had 14 boxes of books. Okay, okay--they were small boxes. >_> Still! 14 boxes! From an upstairs apartment to another upstairs apartment! I feel like I lost at least 5 pounds.

I also hauled up 4 boxes containing 3 shelf bookcases, 1 box containing a bedframe, 2 parson chairs, and a small dining table. Oh man, that table. I found it on clearance at Target for $25. The reviews on haaaaate that table, but I figure it'll last me until I find the table I want. $25!! I spent more on the chairs than the table! XD Kirklands was having a sale. $60 parson chairs. Soooo pretty.

Couch was delivered yesterday. I have a sleeper sofa! It is HUGE. O.O I laid down on it with my head pressed against one arm and my feet didn't touch the other side. I'm 5'5"! I couldn't even touch it when I stretched my feet out! I love that couch. <3

*thinks* So. Still need a desk. Still need a new TV stand. Still need a new TV! But that can wait until the xmas sales start. But other than that I'm mostly set up now. Just gotta finish sorting and tossing and packing. *SOB*
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Well--that was a terrifying testament to my own ignorance.

So, my toilet is kinda leaky. Or sometimes it just won't stop running. Usually I just take the top off and give a little tug on the floater and it stops.

Today the float thing just snapped off. And I couldn't get the water valve to turn to shut off the water. I didn't know which way to go so I freaked out and called emergency maintenance, who called back very quickly and told me which way to turn the valve so the water shut off. Then I slunk off kind of embarrassed that I can't even turn water off without help.

Now I want to enroll in plumbing school so it never happens again. I am a girl of extreme measures.


Sep. 17th, 2002 10:24 pm
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Oh man...I'd forgotten what I was like in the mid-90s...I was such a...a...I wrote vampire fics! I wrote *bad* vampire fics! Well, pretty bad. At least they aren't pretentious goth vampire fics. The kind N would MST.

....then again...

I mean, check this out )


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