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Helllloooo flist! How about more house babble?

*ducks the flung tomatoes* )
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Two texts from my agent just now:

"I have the offer back and will send it to you shortly with the changes."

"And once you sign its a done deal."




Also, nothing will make you more nervous about the house you're buying than watching Holmes Inspection on HGTV. Just sayin'.
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Made a bid a little before 11 this morning. Just waiting on a reply.


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Saw the flipped house just now. Oh WOW. *_*

House prattle! )

So I really really like it. But it is priced above my means. However, my agent said that the other agent over the house even said it's overpriced. So he's doing a market analysis tonight and we'll see about offering lower. Pray this guy is desperate to get rid of it.
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Talked to the loan officer who better explained the estimate he sent (damn confusing--even my RE agent couldn't decipher it) and I found out yes, the $6K did indeed cover down payment and all closing costs. At best it didn't cover earnest money and inspection fees. On top of that, one of the houses I wanted to look at but was under contract is back on the market, plus I found a very nice flipped house that's been off and on the market since last July and never under contract, so he might be getting desperate to get rid of it. And since both houses are seller owned, I might be able to get help towards the closing costs.

I so hate to be optimistic. :| It hasn't worked well for me. But that's a lot of pieces fitting together well. ;~; ARGH!
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So on the house hunting front, reality decided to step in and apply its pimp hand to my face.

Motha#@(% OW )

...randomly, I had more dreams of the Nostalgia Critic last night. I may be obsessed. Y'know, a little.
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I think my depression issues might be taking a turn for the worse. It's getting harder and harder to make myself eat. It's after 7, and I know I need food, yet the idea of it makes me sad and sick.

Seriously, fuck food. )

...on the other hand, Harlequin Nocturne pays a pretty damn nice advance. Like $7k nice. I wonder if I could write a supernatural romance for the housewife set? XD
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Soooooo...I saw the house today.

House Babble )
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The little red brick house is definitely out. It just had too many strikes against it. :(

The agent who I originally called FINALLY called me today, and while I did inform her I'd already gotten another agent by this point, she still told me a little about it. I figured out that it's a bitch to get to (which just confirmed what my Colony-residing supervisor told me earlier today--one lane roads, oh god), the roads are taken care of by the residents, and mostly it's an investment property as there's hopes for developer buy-out. And then there's the septic tank. Yeah, fuck all that. I'm looking for a home first, investment second.

So I'm stuck on the one I posted yesterday, plus a another one I'm *kinda* interested in (I like the kitchen). Other than that, nothing I've found on the websites really thrill me. I did tell the agent I'm working with that if he can find something in my interest-range (2 bed, small, year 1980+, under $80k) then I'd be happy to look at them too. There are quite a few foreclosures that I can't locate, after all. But the problem with foreclosures is that they're take-em-as-they-are.

But we go out looking tomorrow! I'm still very excited. :3
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The new No. 1 interest!

Yeeah, as adorable as I find the little red brick, the whole septic tank thing bothers me too much. So back into the depths of real estate websites I dove! And found this one.

Why has it been sitting on the market so long? Why did they drop the price? It's awesome! Bamboo wood floors, new carpeting, new paint inside and out, pretty kitchen...what the hell, house, what the hell??

Well, I wondered. And I think I figured it out.

Check out the map. Notice the railroad right out back?

Muahahaha. Bargaining chip. >:3 My boss lives in The Colony, see? And while she did point that out, she also pointed out that The Colony has a NOISE ORDINANCE. \o/ So there is no blowing of train horns in city limits. Since I'm fine with track noise (I consider it white noise), I wouldn't have any issues with the tracks being right there. And according to her friend that lives near there as well, when you're in the house you barely notice it. And it is far enough back that it won't shake the house. I'm more worried about derailments than I am about noise.

So 1) it's small. 2 bedrooms/1 bath. Less than 1200 sq ft. Most house hunters these days aren't looking for something that small. And 2) TRAIN TRACKS. I bet I can SO bargain them down.

I finally got an agent today and we're looking at it and the red house Friday. ^_^ SQUEE!

EDIT: I am also taking my older cousin with me. She's owned 2 houses, so she knows what to look for better than I do. Plus she's hella aggressive. :D
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This is the house that really made me jump into it. It's wee, only 966 sq ft, 2 bed 1 bath, but it's perfect for me *_*
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*breathe out*

Okay, I finally bit the bullet today.

So after that whole ass-ream with the new lease, I've decided I really, REALLY want to own a house. So I started looking around, found some shiny new places I could see myself in for the next thirty years. Then I decided if I was really this serious, it was time to start thinking about pre-qualifying loan applications. After all, what with the housing market so iffy, would anyone actually lend to me with my good-but-lacking-in-a-lot-of-revolving credit?

Yes, says Brad of DHI Mortgage.

Awesome. Time to really start shopping then. :D


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