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Not even a hundred words! Whoo! Hope there wasn't a minimum...

“The romance is gone, isn’t it?”

“We had romance?”

Aerael blinked at Mark, then gave him a rueful grin. “You’re probably right. After all, we met with me taking a bullwhip to you. Not exactly candlelight and roses, is it?”

“Candles melt to nothing and roses wither and die,” Mark said, sliding his hand into the incubus’ lap. As Aerael’s head fell back and he moaned softly, Mark moved closer to his side, pressing his mouth against the side of the fae’s neck and whispering, “There are better things than romance.”


Jan. 3rd, 2003 08:39 pm
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I wrote! I wrote! Just a bit of what I wrote! Must finish! *sweatdrop* Whoo boy...

Where we find out just where Bonnie came from...and get to see her mortal side... )
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Hotel, a chair, strike and hungry
200-1000 words

An incubus shouldn’t be able to get sick…but Seth’s sire happened to be human, which made him a little prone to certain mortal ailments. Aerael sat in a chair by his youngest’s bed and peeled a sweat-dampened lock of silvery hair away from his forehead. Poor kid. He looked miserable. And when an adolescent incubus wasn’t hungry, you knew he had to be very ill indeed.

“I’m dying,” Seth moaned, rolling his eyes dramatically. “Get a pen. I…need to dictate…my last will and testament.”

“It’s the flu, Seth,” Aerael said, trying not to grin. “Moss got over it easily enough, and so will you.”

“I feel like trampled vulture shit.”

“Sekani said he’d be over later to keep you company. He’s bringing DVDs.”

“Selma Hayek DVDs?” the boy asked hopefully.


Seth closed eyes as silver as his hair and smiled dreamily. “Sekani is my best friend. He brings me hot Mexican actresses.”

And the sooner the sphinx showed up with said videos, the faster Aerael could get to the hotel room where the little blueblood who he had met at Ping’s house the day before was surely waiting impatiently. Was he slightly guilty for worrying about his meal when his son lay pale and sick? Maybe a little. But even Seth wouldn’t pause when appetite was involved.

A “whoosh” and soft “thump” came from the balcony, and a second later the spotted sphinx padded through the doors, waving one of three DVDs he held.

“I have Selma!” he crowed.

Seth managed to push himself up to a sitting position and grinned weakly. “I love you, man.”

“Damn straight. Hey Aerael. You stayin’?”

“Nah, I need to go eat. Keep a good eye on him.”

“Eh, he’ll be fine. You go on.” He nudged the incubus in the side and winked. “Give her a stroke for me, huh?”

“And me,” Seth added, his weak little grin widening.

“Right. Don’t wear him out, Seki.”

“I have no interest in getting his flu, no matter how fuckably sweet he is,” the sphinx sniffed.

“Seki!” Seth tried to howl, but choked.

“Whaaat?” Sekani grinned and plopped down in the chair Aerael had vacated. “Okay, strike that. You may be worth the aches and sniffles after all.”

Aerael just grinned. “Well, if he gets too frisky, try sneezing on him. Trust me, nothing is less sexy than getting sneezed on.”

Sekani made a face and went to pop a DVD into the player. “Voice of experience, huh? So much for the whole nurse/patient scenario I had goin’ on. Don’t worry, I ain’t touchin’ him now. Go eat.”

Aerael smoothed a hand over Seth’s hair. “Like I said, don’t wear yourself out. You want me to bring you anything back?”

“Playboy?” he asked hopefully.

“I’ll try to remember.”

“Can you bring me a Penthouse?” Sekani asked, trying for a kittenish cuteness.

“Get your own porn, sphinx-boy.”

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cicirossi's challenge: 200-500 words, including the words cheap, ink, fire and coat.

Davy and Io at home...not diddling )
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Real short short I did awhile back. Aerael and Mark, very PG, no sex but it is implied. Hee.

Mark and the holey man )


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