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A note to [ profile] tsuki_no_bara:

I did NOT dream of my house last night--I dreamed of snuggling the Nostalgia Critic. In a coffee shop.

what is this i don't even--
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Soooooo...I dreamed about Aerael last night. I almost NEVER dream about my own people. Seriously, this is like one of two times in 10 years.

He...he isn't happy with me. At all. o_o I'm, uh, I'm just gonna go get something to eat, yeah? *wary shuffle towards the door*


Mar. 21st, 2010 09:39 am
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Last night was less headachy, but also less sleep. Did too much sleeping yesterday in the day to sleep last night, I guess. But what dreams I had were mostly centered around Go-Devil-Dante's devart gallery and his video. So a lot of bishie men...mostly in kimonos, for some reason. *thumbs up* :D


Mar. 20th, 2010 12:02 pm
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God...VISITORS. I don't mean aliens, I mean brain people. Last night was a lovely interstellar political/war/dunno wat that I can't really recall, but I am aware that [ profile] klgaffney's Vasya and [ profile] illian's Andrew were involved. And now I have a headache. *rubs forehead*
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.....Dear Brain.

Seriously. Seriously. What is with the current trend of Freddy Krueger dreams? I haven't watched any of the Elm Street stuff for months! And even when I did, I can count the number of Freddy dreams I've had since the 80s on one hand! ONE. TWO. DONE.

But not the past few nights, nooooo. Freddy every night!

They're not even scary! Not that I'm challenging you, mind you. But I am saying it's getting a little boring. :-|

Let's shake things up a little, shall we?
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So over the past two days I've watched 22 episodes of Ouran High School Host Club, which is both funny and adorable and has evil twins that I ♥. However, that's a lot of a singular anime crammed into 2 days. It's gonna leak.

One, I've been having trouble getting to sleep lately, so I finally caved and got some of those 300 mcg melatonin pills, right? Well, it's been said that it'll give you some funky dreams. Two, I caved and got a nightlight for my room. Because obviously if warty clawed hands are going to start climbing up the side of the bed, I really, really want to see that. >:| Three, I've watched twenty-two episodes of the Ouran anime in two days.

So last night I became aware that the boys from the host club were at the side of my bed, with finger puppets, and were whispering how they were going to scare me by inching them up over the edge of the bed. Thanks to the nightlight I could see them. And I'm not deaf. I got pissed, sat up, turned on my bed lamp and stomped into the bathroom with a general air of "Screw you, assholes!"

...and then slunk back to bed realizing that maybe the melatonin wasn't such a great idea. *facepalm*
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Last night's dream involved Alice in Wonderland. I can't remember details other than running around with the Hatter (of course), who tried to stuff me in a wardrobe (but I don't WANT to go to Narnia! ...actually, I think he was trying to hide me), and trying to give the Queen of Hearts cheese. She didn't like my cheese. :(

There was a second dream with me and my mom trying to drive somewhere to see a guy, and we ended up in a fucked up place with ghost-like snakes moving across the walls and if you stopped too long you would turn into a statue or something. I'm trying to find a way out and Mom decides to nap. I had to shake her until her legs went back to normal 'cause her lower half went all stony. We made it out and she realized we weren't even heading in the right direction. Turns out the guy we needed to see was at home, and the guy I had looked up online was a scam artist.

Nap Dream

Jan. 1st, 2010 05:24 pm
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Damn, already fading. I had a cursed cupboard in my room, and I was trying to burn it so of course matches wouldn't light, and lighters wouldn't light, and when they did they wouldn't actually burn anything. So the thing possessing the cupboard finally made it across, and I just gave up. I remember that she couldn't be here while I was here--she needed to take my place. Whoever I was. Wasn't me, it was me playing someone else's role. She sat me down, promising to make it quick, and wrapped a ribbon around my throat and started to choke me. Then people (okay, two guys supposedly in love with me--god, I hate fairy tale dreams) burst in and destroyed the cupboard and she was gone.

I don't think this was my first time with this dream. It felt familiar.

Bonus dream: I was in the psych ward at the hospital giving a cute guy nurse a hard time taking my blood pressure. I also complained about being put next to the eating disorders because it would be mean for me to sneak food and I was hungry. XD


Jan. 1st, 2010 10:28 am
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I AM going to try and keep a dream journal this year. This is what I remember from last year.

Somehow I got an invite to a celebrity party. I saw Robert Englund! I also saw Alexander Skarsgård, who was a total dick and did not want to talk to anybody. But hot as always, and was wearing jeans. Also, someone stole my car and then Superman showed up. This is all I can really remember. XD Because I didn't write it down when I woke up. But mostly it was just me wandering around listening to the celebrities talk.

I'll need to get myself a journal.


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