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Today is Make Your Own Damn Pizza Day.

I got a box of Jiffy pizza crust mix (49 cents, woot!) and as an experiment mixed in a bit of garlic powder, basil and oregano. In hindsight I could have mixed in some parmesan too, but oh well. S'already rising now.

I also have a nice jar of ready made pizza sauce, and I'm debating adding added in a tiny bit of ground red pepper. I lika my sauce a-spicy! Other than that, it's just a cheese pizza. Kroger sells their brand of pizza cheese, which is just a shredded mix of mozzerella, smoked provolone, romano and parmesan cheeses. Very good stuff. If I'd thought about it while I was at Walmart this morning, I could have grabbed some pepperoni sticks. See, I don't like pepperoni SLICES. For once, you never successfully bite through a piece and end up dragging half the molten lava cheese onto your chin and burning the hell out of yourself. The sticks I can chop into little squares like you get on the cheap store-brand pizzas that NO ONE CARRIES ANYMORE DAMMIT!!!

Pizza's in the oven! :D I think I'm going to end up with a thick-ass crust. I just wouldn't spread to 12 or 14-inch diameter. But I like crust, so good!


Oct. 29th, 2009 07:23 pm
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My friend has had a very shit week. I'm very bad at comfort words, but very good at comfort food. She loves peanut butter cookies, so I found a recipe and voila!

...holy crap, those are ugly cookies )

Ooookay. Just dropping the dough makes ugly, redheaded stepchildren cookies. I should roll them into balls and THEN flatten them!

Yeah. MUCH better. )

Yay! Cookies! And my house smells of peanut butter. I'm not all that fond of peanut butter, but dammit my friend needs cookies! >:0


Sep. 7th, 2009 02:00 pm
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A second go-around with the rice spaghetti tells me I need to stick with the regular kind. Or try the whole grain kind next. Rice is kinda...ech. Seriously, overcook it for ten seconds and it disintegrates into mush. ECH. However, the chicken parmesan was easy and good. ^__^ So I've gotten two new recipes outta all this so far--chicken parmesan and baked penne. Things I've learned I do not like: tilapia. I will stick with cod, catfish, and crappie. Oh, and salmon croquettes. MMMM.


Sep. 5th, 2009 11:34 am
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Rice pasta really doesn't taste any different than regular pasta, IMO. The texture is just Really chewy. But it's not bad. *shrug*
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I am such a wuss. I bought these garden veggie chips (dehydrated vegetable slices) and I keep eyeing them like they're gonna blow up. I pick them up--I set them down and eye them warily. I get a fork and poke at them. And then I frown a little and eat another strawberry.

I seriously have SUCH a hate-hate relationship with vegetables. I wonder if I could be hypnotized into eating the damn things without going "EWWWW" like a five-year-old discovering dog shit.
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...or so my dad might say. :p The 60s and all decades on completely passed that man.

SO. There was this study. Yes, it's a wholly rat-based study, but it really made me think about my habits ever since I moved back to Dallas.

You may have noticed that my writing has...disappeared. It slowly dwindled until I was doing nothing at all. The past two years was nothing but the odd drabble and my 100 Prompts 100 Words self-challenge. It's not out of any laziness. I just...can't put words together anymore. I can't remember words. Sometimes I'll be talking and completely forget what I was talking about. At first I called them "brain farts" and laughed them off until they got really, really frequent. My attention span is just GONE.

So I read the article and I got to thinking about how my eating habits changed. Two Dr. Pepper a day habit, not including the fountain drinks I'd get with combo meals. COMBO MEALS. Almost EVERY DAY. I'll get fast food for lunch during the work week. The last few years I'd go get breakfast from the fast food places too. Supper would be stuff like frozen pizzas or spaghetti or those Pasta-Roni meals. No vegetables other than maybe sometimes I'd get some fried chicken and need some green beans to go with them. Maybe some corn on the cob. Or canned Popeyes spinach. And we're not even talking once a week on that.

So I'm doing an experiment. )

So yeah, I'm using the next 2 weeks to force myself to eat new vegetables. My plan is to go--well, not COMPLETELY vegetarian, but I am also cutting out the red meat. And chicken is such a pain to cook that I tend to stay away from it too. So fish. Pescatarian? It's all for health reasons.

Now here's a question for those of you (probably most of you) that eat better than I do. When using oil for healthy cooking, what are good ones to use? I don't have any allergies, so don't hold back. I've heard olive oil is good. Any others?

Anyone ever had the gluten-free rice bread? Rice pasta? Any good?

Anyone have any good recipes to share? :D

Wish me luck. ^__^ I really, REALLY need this eating change in my life.
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Today's experiment: Dr. Pepper Cake.

It's in the oven now, and I'm kinda ~.^ over it already. That has to be THE thinnest cake batter I've ever seen. If it actually bakes into a cake I'll be very surprised. At any rate, I'm holding off on making the icing until WAY after.

Those little 8 oz cans they sell in 6-packs now are perfect for this. :D

EDIT: Huh. It r cake. Guess the recipe maker knew what they were talking about. Still, icing much later.


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