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"He isn't here."

"Yes, I realized that the minute I set foot inside. *sigh* Should I even bother asking you if he'll be back tonight?"

*amused* "I have absolutely no idea. I'm not his keeper. Would you care to leave a message?"

"...would you actually give it to him if I did?"

"I'm heartbroken that you would think such a thing of me. *pout* Why, I love and adore you both and I can't imagine why you would think I would do anything that would cause you to suffer for my negligence."

*cocks head and peers*


"How the hell are your pants not being consumed by a raging inferno right now?"
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Sting had joined Bonnie in the sunroom garden and was quietly stretched out on the flagstones in a patch of sunlight like a great huge cat. The sun was soaking into his fur and bones, leaving the manticore rumbling contentedly while Bonnie read Spider Robinson on the padded wicker chaise.

He was raised from the sunlight-induced coma by the sound of buzzing close by his head. Opening on eye, he watched as a bee zipped around him, circling his head. And then the blasted thing landed on his nose.

Sting crossed his eyes, glaring at the insect perched so brazenly on his face. He twitched his nose, trying to dislodge it, but the bee held on stubbornly, refusing to move. He blew a puff of air up over his nose…and the bee fell off and hit the stones, dead as a doornail.

He glanced at Bonnie and found the puck staring at the deceased bee with one raised eyebrow. Her attention shifted to him briefly and then back to the book as she shook her head.

“Well, SOMEbody needs an Altoid.”
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A small explanation of the Kithain. You might have heard the name in either of mine or Kammy's stories. Just for the record, this happens before any of the Consort snippets posted. And "Nameless" has nothing to do with the drakthos in the comic. ^___^ You know...I may have posted this before. I think I did, but I couldn't find it, and so if anyone new hasn't read it? Well, here you go. Glas speaks )
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“Am I gonna have to put a lock on that door?”

“Hey, I’m hungry!” Ollie whined, moving aside a foil-wrapped mystery and a bottle of ketchup. “Got any steak in here?”

“Not thawn out. This is the 3rd time this afternoon you’ve had your head stuck in there looking for food.”

“Werewolves have very fast metabolisms. We have to eat a lot to keep up with them.”

“Yeah right. Werewolf my ass. Werepiggy.”

“Hey, fuck you.”

“Oink oink. Rooting for truffles by the light of the full moon.”

“Oh yeah? Says a woman who eats four Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘n Fruity breakfasts at IHOP.”

“Now that’s metabolism.” She hesitated for a moment, then kicked his leg. “And you’re hoggin’ the fridge anyway, piggy. Move and let someone else have a turn.”

Ollie reluctantly shifted and let Bonnie move up beside him. Together they stared into the depths of the refridgerator.

“This is like a Fight Club moment,” she finally said, scowling. “A fridge full of condiments and nothing to eat. Don’t I have people to grocery shop in this court?”

“Ooo, gonna take the steward to task?”

“Heads will roll.” She growled and pushed him aside to shut the door. “Well…great. Now we’re both hungry and there’s absolutely no snacks. Now what?”

Ollie thought for a moment, then brightened. “Now we go to McDonalds and scarf Big Macs until they throw us out.”

Bonnie grinned and bumped hips with him. “I love a man with a plan.”
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“Mmmm, toasty varm,” Bonnie murmured, snuggling down further between one huge muscular foreleg and the gigantic black-scaled body. “I knew a dragon would be useful.”

One huge golden eye slitted open, then looked back towards the puck. “You could have gotten an electric blanket just as easily.”

“Yeah, at least I wouldn’t have to feed a blanket.” She stroked the leg with one hand and smiled happily. “But on the other hand, I couldn’t get the blanket to eat my enemies, either.”
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Bonnie was in a very good mood now. Earlier in the evening had seen her in a real funk, with much pouting and sighing and grumbling and sulking, but then Loki had showed up, gotten a good look at her, and disappeared for about half an hour. When he came back, he had rounded up several of the more musical members of the Court, dragged her off to a private room, and then performed most of Hedwig and the Angry Inch for her. By the time he finished, she was in a very good mood—and kind of horny. Loki did make drag look very attractive.

And a couple of hours after that, Bonnie was in a very good mood, and Loki was feeling pretty pleased himself. The vampire really was excellent in the sack. But it was a little weird the places she kept finding lipstick afterwards…
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You know, this is probably a lot funnier to me than it is to anyone else, but it cracked me up earlier. ^_^

A consort snippet )


Jan. 3rd, 2003 08:39 pm
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I wrote! I wrote! Just a bit of what I wrote! Must finish! *sweatdrop* Whoo boy...

Where we find out just where Bonnie came from...and get to see her mortal side... )
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Just...something I did off the top of my head today...thanks to an IM chat. ^_^

Get her, guys! )
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Boy, did this ever get rambly...I was trying to write out notes on the Kithain, but I can't really do notes, so I always make it like people talking because dialogue is my strong point. Anyway, it's Bonnie talking to Glas, one of the few remaining Kithain. There's also mention of one of her Consorts, and that reminds me that I'm really gonna have to sit down and write up a thing on all of Bonnie's men. -_-;; Next weekend.

Wow, did my writing style skip all over the place here or what?? )


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