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So...Alice Cooper, Steven Tyler and Weird Al sing "Come Together" in a bar in Maui. I may have found my new holy trinity. XD
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I always give my two oldest nephews money for their birthdays and Christmas. This year I wanted to try to make it a little more interesting, so I started to look up dollar bill origami.

...yeah, fuck that. I can't even fold paper ;_; I am a sad Thistle.
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I really wish there was a larger version of #9. That would so be my desktop. Also, I about died at #11.

11 Anachronistic Photos From Behind the Scenes
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Nice one, furnace. "Reaching the end of my useful life, eh? Well, it's going to be 25 degrees tonight--I think now's a nice time to give up the ghost."

----ing hell, folks.
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It is 33 degrees outside.


I think at this point it's time to go buy gloves. *sits on poor frostbitten digits*
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I started this week by telling myself "This month? No fast food, no soda." And so far this has been so. Actually, it's been so since last Friday, so I'm already doing better than I thought.

...only four more weeks in this month.

Not that it matters, because this is SUPPOSED to be a lifestyle change. Next month I'm adding sweets to the hit list. I just know better than to try and do that during December. Not with boxes of chocolate covered cherries staring at me. And there will be fail come Easter season, because then there are the Cadbury eggs. Cadbury eggs are my kryptonite. *_*

So after I get the "no fast food, no soda, no sweets" out of the way, I'll start working on what I eat at home, which is pretty much Pasta Roni. Seriously. I have been living on Pasta Roni and mac 'n cheese for like 15 years now. And for the past 10 I've been getting my breakfast and lunches from fast food joints. There's also been 2 Dr. Peppers a day, sometimes more. Am I shocked that I've put on 60 pounds in the past 10 years? No. Completely ashamed, yes, but not shocked.

I want to change that, I really do. I just don't know if I've hit bottom enough to make it. :(
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This isn't a promising start to the day. I grabbed the wrong sandals to change into at work and I grabbed the wrong ziploc bowl out of the fridge. So now I'm wearing black sandals with my tan and brown shirt, and there's a bowl of mashed potatoes in the break room fridge instead of leftover hamburger helper. Awesome. :| It's not even Monday!

Ah well. At least I still have a tuna kit and half a loaf of bread in my drawer. I can still keep to the "no fast food". I'll try to grab the HH tomorrow.

I need a cheap camera tripod. I'm starting to wonder if such a thing exists.
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First--seasonal GIP! It's after Thanksgiving so it's time to break out Holiday CAH! Aww, he's still so festive.

Two--I am sick with excitement. I'm finally getting my first grown up bedroom set! I am vereh excited. :3

Three--I have now seen Thor and Captain America (yay Redbox!). I think I liked Thor better, but mostly because Thor had more pretty. :p I am now very excited for the Avengers movie. AVENGERS. NOW. Fuck May 2012. NOW!

Four--am doing slightly better on the anxiety front. I'm seeing a therapist and my doctor gave me a prescription for Ativan. There is slightly more calm now.

Five--uh. Hmm. I, uh, I bought a box of clay? I want to try sculpting. I want to sculpt a little Aerael doll. This may or may not actually happen. XD Clay's been sitting there for about a week.

So that's what's up right now. Not a whole lot, huh? I'm back to trying to change my eating habits, starting with cutting out soda and fast food this month. Sweets probably won't go away until after Christmas. But once I get all that cut out and get used to not having it, I'll work on fixing the rest of my bad eating habits, like portion control and my bad pasta habit. I also need to start a workout routine. I'm still with my current company, so I really need to take advantage of the free 24 Hour Fitness membership. But one thing at a time. First the fast food and soda. I've done it before! I can do it again! Honestly! See my honest face. :|
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...apparently Aerael and M have decided all of my questions can be answered with my Best of Queen album.


You're both fired. :|
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I am intrigued by the new Nook that's coming out this month. Any e-reader advice to be had?
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I feel like complete and utter shit.

Oh wait, I was missing a word. "A" complete and utter shit.

She's a really great dog. She's sweet, she's pretty, she's loving--and I've been crying all day. This was not the time to realize that for all my longing and dreaming of a dog of my own...I don't want a dog, I don't want ANYTHING, I don't even want a goddamn goldfish. I can't even eat anything because I'm so stressed out over the thought of having to take care of something other than myself. I've started bawling on the phone to BOTH my parents tonight, who are now worried sick about my breakdown.

She's a sweet, pretty dog and I hope like hell I can find her a home that deserves her.
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I have no idea what I was doing...

I think I went out as a teenager. Look, Myspace pose and everything!

(that's a skeleton shirt, btw. stupid shoddy cell phone camera)

EDIT: Also, I was right. Halloween pretty much happened Saturday. There's some trick-r-treaters out there, but for the most part everything else is situation normal. Boo.

Oh hai

Oct. 23rd, 2011 10:39 am
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...haven't said anything since the end of last month, huh?

I'm, uh, still here?

Too tired for actual discourse. Have a list.

1) Moved into the house on Oct 1. Haven't slept through the night since. Am under the paranoid delusion that when the sun goes down, I am no longer alone in here. Makes for very fitful nights.

2) As of today, 23 days after moving in, I just unpacked the last of my books. All that's left now is mostly stuff that I'm staring at going "...where the hell were you before I packed you?"

3) There was a little brown bunny rabbit in my backyard this morning. Aww.

4) I need a new fence. And siding on the wood bits. And gutters. And a new heating/cooling system. Shame that part time job still hasn't come through and probably won't until next year at this point. The temps hired are all sticking to it, probably because they're getting money for Christmas.

5) ticky

6) A great many thanks to The Chaotic One for getting me safely through the entire process. Enjoy the tea. :D

Okay, you're all caught up. I'm going to go collapse again because I had to deal not only with lots of paranoia last night, but rain hitting my window. I've always had balconies protecting me from rain on my windows, so that was another "OHGODWHATSTHAT!" moment from last night. I mean, yay for rain in Texas and all but holy shit that scared me. o.o
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I also took the vacuum cleaner over there and tried out the corner attachment....mostly because there were a lot of inhabited spider webs all over the place.

....and now I have a vacuum full of pissed off spiders. :|
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Been at the house pretty much all day. Lowes guy showed up first and installed my garage door opener, and then the furniture guys arrived with my new sofa and loveseat (I have a loveseat! My first!), and then the Time Warner guy came and gave me internets (along with a brand new modem that doubles as a wireless router *!!!*) and now Sears is here installing the washer, dryer and fridge. I did get a non-dispensing fridge, however, so they should just have to plug that in. Bet I still had to pay for install on it though :p

Huh. That took maybe 15 minutes. Awesome.

Okay, guess I'm done here for the day. Gotta go home and pack up what's left (breakables and bathroom) and then relax a bit. Tomorrow is the big move. \o/ And then--home sweet house :D
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I have a house.

O...M...G I actually have a house. Holy fucking shit, guys. I have a HOUSE. It was only like 3 months ago that having a house was just an idle dream, something I thought I'd have to marry or win the lottery to do. And then my research addiction kicked in and I discovered oh hey--I can probably get a house by myself on my current salary.

Signed the papers yesterday, got the keys and a copy of the book of paperwork I had to sign and a nice laminated copy of my property survey, and this evening I will be moving a couple of things in just to mark it as mine. The major move happens Saturday. And after that, I may never have to move again. Or at least not for another 10, 15 years.

But there is a house in the DFW area and it is mine all mine, and already the "to do" list for it is frickin' huge. o.o I really hope that part-time job comes through for me.

I have a HOUSE, mothafuckahs! )


Sep. 26th, 2011 01:33 pm
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Just got a couple of emails from my agent:

"Title company said they received the lender info and are drawing up the HUD form for review....good sign that we are on track!"


"Yes it looks like the closing will be on Wednesday."

SQUEEEEEE! I got my early closing! Now I could technically get in there are paint the living room if I want to, although I should really do something about my unstained, unpainted kitchen cabinets first. Damn, that's gonna take forever =_=

But eeee! Early closing! MY HOUSE! :D
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1 more week. 1 more week and then I'll be moved into my very own house and the nightmare will be over and I can start regrowing my stomach lining. Except for the part where I have to start finding money to do all the little things the house needs, like more insulation in the attic and siding for the wood bits outside and foundation repair and possibly a new furnace and so on so on so forth...

Man, I hope that part time job comes through soon. But after next week. Yes, let's not throw in 14 hour workdays on top of closing on a house. =_=;
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So...I put my old dining table up on Freecycle last night.

Is it bad that I decided to give it to the person who used correct spelling and grammar in her email? :D

I. Just. HATE. TEXT SPEECH. This is an EMAIL. You have all the characters you need! I don't CARE that you're posting from your phone, USE THE RIGHT WORDS! And PROOFREAD YOUR EMAILS! GRR ARGH!

*goes to wipe the red ink off the monitor*

EDIT: *cough HIS email cough*


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