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OMG hi flist hi hi hi!

Did I mention I've been unemployed since the end of May? *checks* Yes, I *did* mention the buyout. Okay! So yeah, unemployed since the end of May thanks to a voluntary buyout. I have enjoyed the time off immensely. I'll have had off almost all the summer, and that hasn't happened in near 20 years, so it's been really nice if not a little nerve-wracking.

Signed on with three employment agencies, and it looks like one has finally come through and I am way excite!

So, a couple of weeks ago I got a call from one of the agencies saying "Hey, I've got an opportunity in Plano. Interested?"

Fuck yes! Most of my issues with gaining employment is that they've found me places 20 miles away and I didn't want to commute. So finally! One much closer!

So I did a phone interview with my agency lady and waited. I got a call last week saying they liked my answers and wanted a face to face interview, was I still interested? Fuck yes!

...I did not actually at any time say fuck yes, but I'm sure it was understood in my tone.

So I did the interview yesterday. I felt it went well enough. I didn't spill anything, my voice wasn't shaking, nothing caught on fire. I went home hoping to hear something next Monday as I knew they were interviewing others. I also knew they were hiring for several positions, so I knew I had at least a better chance than if they were just hiring for one. Still, I *also* knew that there were several employment agencies in on this. So 15 positions out of who knows how many applicants.

There was stomach acid yesterday, oh yes.

The agency called an hour ago. They've already offered me the position, was I interested?


So Thistle is once again employed. Hopefully nothing goes wrong and this actually will go perm in a few months time. But mostly I am psyched not just because I will have money to pay bills and won't have to go through all of my buyout money now, but because of the company itself.

Who is it? I don't feel I should say the name, just in case of Google. But it is a major soft drink with the initials DP with offices here in DFW. I may have fangirled just a little in the interview. For all I know that's why I got this job. They were all "Did she just squee? That was adorable. Let's hire her."
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