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[personal profile] thistledear here's what happened to me last night.

I'm back in the study, just hanging around, and I hear very soft knocking. Normally I ignore knocking, because people don't come visit me without a phone call and it's usually just kids fundraising or scam artists. But I keep hearing the really soft knocking. I finally get up, go into the living room--and realize the knocking is coming from my patio door.

...y'know, the one INSIDE my fence.

I stared...and then went over and pulled back the blinds--and there is some guy leaning against my patio door. BLEEDING.

You see a guy bleeding all over your glass door, your brain tends to shut down. All I could come up with was " okay?"

"I need to call the police."

Someone broke into my backyard and knocked on my patio door. WHY was my phone not already in my hand? I told him to hold on and ran for my phone, and honestly I am such a mother type that at that moment, I was more worried about the guy than myself. Not enough to open the door, but enough to be worried for him. I dialed 911, thinking he might have gotten jumped or something, but when I went back to the door--he was gone. Nowhere in my backyard.

Remember I said I was worried for him? This would be why my stupid ass WENT LOOKING FOR HIM.

*facepalm* Obviously my sense of self-preservation only goes so far. My pathological need to be helpful is going to be my death sentence somday.

So I'm giving my info to the 911 operator, looking for this guy, when I go to my driveway and see a cop car drive slooooowly past. I waved him down and told him what was going on.

Yep, he was looking for the guy that had bled all over my patio door.

No seriously, ALL OVER MY DOOR.


I know nothing else. I went and stayed with my friend last night because I was freaked out. There was nothing in the news today about it. I'm pretty sure the cops won't tell me anything if I call about it. There was just a guy in my backyard bleeding, and I'm gonna have to just deal with that. Oh, and get my FUCKING GATE *FIXED*. >=\

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Date: 2013-05-19 05:34 am (UTC)
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i wonder if they ever found him.... after he BLED ON YOUR BACK DOOR. and yeah, you need a strong-ass lock for that gate.


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