Apr. 21st, 2012

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I finally managed to get in on a second job. I'm working 25 hours a week looking at photos we're sent by cleaning crews who go into foreclosed houses and tidy them up, and then I get to decide if they did the work & whether to pay their invoice in full. I feel like a AP god. MUAHAHAHA!

On the other hand, it's rather neat--'cause we're talking like 16 states and I'm getting to see a wide range of housing styles around the US, ranging from "Dude, that is a SHACK" to "WHY DOES ANYONE NEED A HOUSE THAT GIANT??" I am having quite a bit of architectural squee. :D

But alas, this also means I'm working a total of 65 hours a week mon-fri, with probably the option of working at least one saturday a month too. Point is--I am EXHAUSTED. And I still have to go out and mow today. :|

Mayhap I should use a tiny bit of this money to pay for a landscaping crew?
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Mowing was curtailed by sudden and inevitable death of lawn mower. Well, Dad did warn me it was 10 years old, plus my nephew had been using it for his mowing jobs, and it wasn't probably the greatest mower to start with. Yet it did survive my nephew, so I have to give it that.

But I got the back mowed and edged, and Dad's coming tomorrow morning to help me pick out a new mower, and there's always the chance he'll help get the front done ^_^ I may survive this weekend after all!

...though I wish I could have gotten just a wee bit more slack. :\ I'm really not good with constant activity. I am a slackbitch born.


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